Lockpick Extreme is highly flexible in planning your custom event.

We provide a variety of different elements that can be incorporated to match your needs. We provide equipment, visual aids, and other teaching tools for all participants, as well as offer you additional equipment for purchase at a discounted rate.

Some of our clients include…

Lockpicking Games/Real World Picking

Let participants try their newly learned skills on exciting and competitive games and real-world scenario locks. Games are also a great way to allow your guests to win prizes for your memorable event!

Handcuff Contest

Let us host and MC this great competition that will allow your guests to go head-to-head in a daring escape contest! Your guests will use their newly learned skills and let you award them great prizes to take home!

In-Depth Courses

We can customize your workshop for a variety of topics for a group of more advanced pickers. Get an in-depth course in security pin picking, lock repining, homemade snap picks… and more!

Pop-Up Shop

Including a pop-up shop at your event will let your guests purchase their very own locks, picks, and other accessories for them to further advance their skills at home!

Lockpicking Basics Workshop

Our basic workshop offers hands-on learning for your event. Participants will be able to pick their way through a series of locks that will hone their skill toward picking most standard locks! In this workshop, your guests will see computer animations, oversized models, and other great learning aids.

Handcuff Escape/Shimming

We teach the mechanics of handcuffs along with its vulnerabilities… Including how to bypass them. Handcuffs are an extremely fun addition to your workshop that your guests will love!

If you are interested in hosting an event with us, please contact us for a quote!

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